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Bing Ads Tutorials 2017 | How To Promote Maxbounty CPA Offers & Clickbank Products With Bing PPC Ads


Bing Ads Tutorials 2017 | How To Promote Maxbounty CPA Offers & Clickbank Products With Bing Ads |https://sellfy.com/p/zu9C

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Begginer Google Adwords Tutorial 2017 – Drive Traffic To Your Website Google Adwords 2017 – Part 1


Begginer Google Adwords Tutorial 2017 – Drive Traffic To Your Website Google Adwords 2017

The first real question to ask is why use Google Adwords? The answer is simple, you will simply be meeting users at the moment they are looking for something. If someone is searching somethinh in Google, they are looking for more information about a particular thing. While using Adwords you can make sure that your ads will show up, when a user is looking for a product that is just like yours.

People are using what we call keywords when they are searching the internet. And you as an advertiser need to make sure that your website will be showing up on that selected keywords. You can do that in many differebt ways. You can capitalize on current events, like natural disasters, to drive nonprofit donations. You can also build an email list of those people that may be looking for a product similar to yours. Another thing you can do is you can target people who may be doing an action in their near future and you can offer them a product that will assist them while doing that. You can also identify people who need help with something in their life, and offer them your product that will help them slove the problem.

To get Google Adwords initially set up and working it will take around 3 months and then you are pretty much set. From then on it will take about an hour per week to keep it running smoothly and getting traffic to your website.

You can also apply for the Grant. When starting off you need to first check if your organisation is even eligible with the Adwords program. There are a few things that Google does not allow such as religious, education, healthcare and other organisations. There are also a few countries that don’t qualify for the grant. When applying for the grant you shouldn’t have your payment info in there. If you do you might get billed for the ads which defeats the whole goal.

Some useful words or lingo to know is:
– Clicks – this is the number of times your ad has been clicked by a person
– Impressions – this is the total amound of people who have seen your ad
– CTR – is literally “click throughy rate” or in other words clicks divided by impressions
– Max. CPC – is the maximum amount of currency you are willing to pay for each click
– Avg. CPC – is the average amount of currency you have been charged for a click
– Avg. Position – is a value from 1-10 that indicates where your ad is showing on the search engine results page or SERP
– Q Score – is a value from 1-10 that indicates the quality of your keyword

You can find new keywords to use by using the adwords keyword tool. If you can’t fund your account you should look into an adwords coupon. When setting up your account you will need to set up an adwords campaign. This video provides essential adwords training that will boost your page views and results and your adwords marketing will become a lot more successful.

This Google Adwords video tutorial will help you drive traffic to your new website. It will also help you with adwords campaign management and adwords ppc management. You could also call this video an adwords for dummies type video that is going to teach you all about ppc training. Also if you’re having problems with product listing ads or PLA you absolutely need to set up a search campaign and google analytics. You also need to know alot about bidding strategies and ppc bidding which this adwords video guide will teach you.


Retargeting ad tutoral

retargeting as tutorial

retargeting as tutorial Isaac Rudansky

If you always wondered what retargeting is all about then you really should check this great online retargeting ad course (also know as remarketing) from  Isaac Rudansky

This course pulls from a huge variety of experience managing hundreds of unique retargeting ads campaigns for a broad range of clients in almost every vertical out there.

  • This tutorial is for anyone looking to make the most of their website traffic by developing profitable remarketing and retargeting campaigns

Click here to get this course

Video Titan 3 amazing video marketing tool

video titan 3


What’s this software all about?

  1. It finds videos that are already making cash. So you can in return copy what they are doing and of course, make it better!
  2. Create videos in secs from super pro templates.
  3. Builds video web sites.
  4. Gets traffic from Facebook, Youtube and Google.
  5. BONUS: 2 new softwares to drive even more traffic to your videos

Click here to watch the presentation way too much stuff to list in here. Better go  watch the clip (2cents)

Cash blurbs traffic generation

cash blurbs

cash blurbs

Get free traffic instantly with this very clever web traffic generation system!

You can use the system as a free member but of course paid members have more options and get more traffic to their offers. I am using the paid option as it generates nice traffic on a daily basis and in return, generates leads! Cash Blurbs as been online for a while now so you know it’s a good system. It’s not a crappy traffic/lead generation program that’s for sure.

Finally, if you need a social presence to rank higher in Google, Bing etc… Then this is something that will interest you! You see, the way the system works is, people have to share a post first on Facebook and/or Twitter before actually posting their own messages.


  1. You gain social traffic and gain more social presence to your link
  2. You get immediate traffic as people need to share your link first

Click here to learn more about Cash Blurbs

leadsleap.com access


This is version 2.0 and it’s INSANE guys! Jump on this while it’s one fire seriously!

One of the best traffic generation systems has now released their version 2.

Version 2.0 is definitely more viral, more rewarding.

During their 2 weeks of beta testing, members’ traffic increased by 10 folds! And it hasn’t even launched.

Yes, this system hasn’t been launched yet. But I got you a backdoor access.

Here is your backdoor access:


Elegant tube press


elegant tube press

Now this got to be one of the most exciting  Wordpress theme and plugin to come along this past year and this year so far!  You can create amazing video sites very easily and that looks like you’ve paid someone $10 000 to create it! It has so much features that i just cannot list them all in here! FOR REAL!

You really, REALLY need to take a closer look at this awesome tool. Seriously. A must have in your webmarketing arsenal that’s for sure. I give it 5 stars.

Click here to watch some video demonstration about Elegant TubePress

Chris Record online academy


Chris Record has created an online academy which focuses on generating traffic. Don’t we all need traffic? I mean you can’t make a cent online without it. I like these kind of academies as it’s like a big brainstorm which really really works. You get to see so many tricks and it’s almost impossible that you do not double up (if not triple up) your online revenues with this one.

Click here to access Chris Record’s 6 figure traffic academy

Get FTPraffic here!



Search and Schedule Pictures automatically!

Use FPTraffic to rapidly and easily find, schedule, and post great content with super value to your Facebook Pages.

FB has a scheduling tool, but with FPTraffic you easily create your schedule and then search through every picture sources available for good content related to your FBpages.

When you find a good picture you want to post to your FBpage, you just click on it and it will automatically be added to your queue. This way you con schedule lots and lots of pictures and your pages will be automatically updated when you WANT! Talk about gaining followers/subscribers/likes etc….

FPTraffic is the number one and fastest tool to search and schedule content that you would like to be seen on your FB pages!