Using Bing Ads For CPA Affiliate Marketing In 2017


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    Bing Ads cpa or affiliate marketing is is an game change money machine. Learn more about how we use bing ads and affiliate marketing here at today.

    Hey I don’t know if you ever had success with promoting affiliate offers on bing ads or not, but I must saying Bing Ads is NOT dead. This traffic source is very alive an well for affiliates, running products such as lead gen offers or even skincare product to muscle.

    Bing Ads personally for me have been one of the successful traffic sources for me. Actually better then facebook, because of a few simple facts.

    1. its direct traffic
    2. its easy for newbies to understand
    3. you get exactly what you ask for.
    4. you can start with an small or big budget

    When you set up an campaign on bing ads the main factors you only have to test and filter to see exactly whats working is – Ad copy (ads) and keywords. And to focus on the profitably of your campaign with bing you need you focus on your conversion rate. In order for you to figure out exactly whats your conversion rate is with an affiliate product you’re going to need to have some form of tracking software to collect the data which you’re speeding money on with bing ads, to filter out which variables of your campaign is working and isn’t working.

    Most affiliates normally just take their affiliate links and fall into the triple (DDD) direct linking failure concept. which leads to instant failure. with search traffic such as google bing yahoo or what ever search network you’re advertising on. If this happen to be you right now or at some point in your affiliate career and running traffic on bing ads, I’m here to try and save you right now. by saying one word (TRACK).

    No matter what traffic source or offer or how ever you’re promoting affiliate campaigns you must take note that tracking is important. Its really the most important think that can be done is affiliate marketing next to testing, so when promoting campaigns, offers, or any form of affiliate products of bing ads I must recommend tracking first. Especially when it comes down to bing ads and promoting affiliate products.

    Bing ads has a flaw in their system where as you can believe you’re only promoting your product or service only in your targeted location but it can also be promoting in other countries also. so you can be spending money to have your affiliate or cpa offer to be promoted in china when the cpa offer only is paying for US leads, this one factor can drastically effect your campaign causing your ROI or profits to drop by over -200% if not advertise correctly, the only way for you to completely tell where you traffic is coming from to have an 3rd party tracker software in place at all times.


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