videopal exemple. How does it work and does it looks


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    VideoPal is the most advanced, ground breaking Cloud Based App that works on all Platforms, PC and Mac and can be used with smartphones, tablets as well as all computers.

    You’ll have to watch the video to see the full power of VideoPal as it is hard to explain. But what I can say is that VideoPal has been proven to boost Sales, Leads and conversions up to over 300%.

    Using the world’s most realistic and advanced text to speech engine, you have 47 male and female voices in 24 different languages, VideoPal can be used in most countries. Definitely ALL Tier 1 countries as well as T2 and T3 (some countries).

    You can overlay your VideoPal over websites, blogs, landing pages, e-commerce sites, bonus pages and even SITES YOU DON’T OWN!

    Make your own VideoPal using 2D and 3D Animations. with so many characters to choose from, you can even Use YOURSELF if you have green-screen or blank backdrop. Imagine that. Introducing yourself and your website.

    You can use VideoPal as a way to have Call To Actions, like opt-ins, text, voucher / coupon codes. countdown timers and affiliate links

    VideoPal is a HUGE launch by Todd Gross and Paul Ponna, known for their fantastic products and launches.

    If you sign up through my link, you have the chance of getting you copy for FREE.

    VideoPal will be launched on the 17th February with an ‘Early-bird’ launch on the 16th of Feb. There will also be a pre-launch Webinar which you will be invited to, if you sign uo through my link.

    Just so you know, I have permission from Todd Gross to use this video for promotional purposes

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